STOP—3 Ways to Overcome Self-Consciousness About Your Work.

As with all great sermons, seminars, or books the subject matter only rings true with the audience when it is something that the writer or speaker actually struggles with.

Whatever struggle it is: addiction, fear, depression, or self-consciousness the 'help' that can come from someone witnessing how they overcame it only hits the mark when they allow themselves to be authentic. 


In today's world no-one wants to admit that they do in-fact struggle.

But, that's a lie. 

When the world pretends that everything is ok and we know that is not the case; it makes life seem shallow.
— Dan Parks

Everyone struggles? But what about Donald Trump and Conor McGregor?

These two 'Super Personas' or better description 'Super Egos' can and should be seen for what they are: an act.

The 'fuck you' attitude used by both Donald Trump and Conor McGregor has helped them rise to the high level where they are at today.

But, can pretending to be perfect be a house of cards? (Yes!Check out Step 2 below) What happens when a hole seeps into their armor of confidence?

Only Satan himself is that confident all the time, and guess what? That's an act too. 


It's pressure that creates the pearl. It's by admitting our flaws that we become who were meant to be.


We need something to overcome to become better at whatever it is that we want to do.

At times, we can think that our limitations or our flaws hold us back from what we want, but liberation can come when we realize that we must accept our flaws. When we resign or 'die to' our limitations it is then that we realize our greatest weaknesses can be turned into some of our greatest strengths.


My 3 biggest struggles with writing are:

1. Hiding who I am


2. Trying to be Perfect


3. Caring what people think

My 3 ways to overcome self-consciousness about my work are:

     1. Stop Hiding Who You Are

We all want to be known. As ourselves, as our aspirations, and simply as human beings. 

But to be known we have to allow ourselves to be exposed.

Creative people crave connection and more then most people fear rejection. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself and your project out there, but when you finally do you might find that you get what you're looking for: acceptance.

     Tips to stop Hiding Who You Are:

  • Stop trying to be someone else

  • Let go of domga, persona, & ego

  • Allow yourself to be yourself

     2. Stop Trying to be Perfect

The attempt to be perfect all the time is exhausting and as discussed with Trump and McGregor earlier the veil of perfection will eventually fall away. 

When you try to be perfect you never get anything done. No project will get finished. Nothing will be submitted.

     Tips to stop Trying to be Perfect:

  • Start: you can't fix a project that hasn't begun

  • Admit your mistakes

  • Make the goal to finish instead of it being perfect

     3. Stop Caring What You Think Other People Think About You

Do you. Be you. It's a false narrative that we tell ourselves when we project our insecurities onto others. 

With all the time we spend thinking about what others think about us wouldn't you assume that the person next to you is doing the exact same thing? 

As Charles Bukowski so elegantly stated, "Most people don't give a damn." 

They don't care that you wrote a book, painted a picture, or produced a movie.

Most people don't care about anything anymore. The 9-5 life has worn them out and their ability to see any other way has dissolved. 

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and die with their song still inside them.”

Henry David Thoreau

But the artist has to care. That's what she does best.

Make caring a personal thing. Care so much about what you do that your work will inspire others to do the same about their life. Use your voice to wake others to the song that resides inside of them. 

     Tips to stop Caring What Other People Think:

  • Don't project your thoughts/insecurities on others

  • Realize most people don't give a damn

  • Care. Care more than you could ever imagine. Make what you do important.

Go out there and kill it kid. We all know you can.


Dan Parks