3 Podcasts you know & 3 Podcasts that you don't, but should.


I know that it's 2017, but some of you may still be unaware of what a podcast is. A podcast is 'Internet Radio on-demand' ("what is a podcast?").

A great thing about podcasts is that they come from all kinds of sources big and small. iTunes lists names as big as NPR and other podcasts from a homeowner's garage.

I gathered together a list of 3 podcasts you should know by now and 3 other podcasts that you should check out.  


1. JRE Podcast

Joe Rogan is a stand-up comedian, color commentator, podcast host, and retired martial artist ("Joe Rogen").

Joe Rogen is the bromance that you never head. His podcast makes you feel as your sitting down with an old friend from school over a couple of beers. Rogen looks like a frat boy who would be stuck in a meat-head mindset, but he is the exact opposite as his thirst for knowledge and trying new things is inspiring.

Notable guests on the JRE have been: Aubrey Marcus, Russell Brand, Sam Harris, Jesse Ventura, and Megan Phelps.

  1.  Rogen's passion for learning is contagious.

  2.  Rogen is supportive of anyone trying new things including his ultimate occupation: stand-up comedy.

  3. Rogen's openness to new ideas, people, and perspectives allows for personal growth from himself and his audience.



2. WTF Podcast

Marc Maron is a stand-up comedian, podcaster, writer and actor.

Marc Maron's podcast WTF is a bi-weekly trip to the therapist with him, not literally, but figuratively as the listener traverses down the rabbit hole of his mind.  He hosts a guest during each episode and gets them to open up like no one else could.

Notable guests of WTF with Marc Maron have been: Robin Williams, Louis C.K., Lorne Michaels, Carlos Mencia, and President Barak Obama.

  1.  Maron has the ability to be brutally vulnerable leading his guests to do the same.

  2.  Each and bi-weekly episode with WTF is like a cathartic therapy session.

  3.  Maron allows his guests to love, laugh, and hurt as they tell their stories of career success and failure. He gives the chance for people to grow and heal through telling their stories.


3.  Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast


Bill Burr is abstand-up comedian, actor, writer, podcaster, and social critic  ("Bill Burr").

Burr's now bi-weekly podcast is a trip down whatever he is upset about that day. I have a smile on my face during the whole show as it is laugh-out-loud funny. It's not for the faint of heart though as Burr's use of language is 'colorful'.

Notable MMP guests have been: Marc Maron, Michael Rapaport, Jay Mohr, Nick Swardson, and Doug Stanhope.

  1.  Burr's advertisement reads are funny enough to deserve a listen.

  2.  His use of language would make a sailor blush.

  3.  MMP is lol funny as Burr comments on sports, politics, and the human experience.


4.  Don't Keep Your Day Job with Cathy Heller

Cathy Heller is a singer song-writer who has scored success in music licensing ("About").

In less than a year, Cathy's podcast Don't Keep Your Day Job, has created a engaged audience that has been climbing the iTunes charts. Don't Keep Your Day Job is all about inspiring people to walk down the creative path that they have always wanted to. Cathy is the perfect host of the podcast as she hustled her way through and to her dreams.

Notable guests of Don't Keep Your Day Job have been: Don Most, Trina Turk, David Wiseman, Jonathan Adler, and Bobbi Brown.

  1.  Cathy has built on of the best communities on Facebook.

  2.  Cathy's commentary is inspiring and her guest's how-to dialogue teach the listener steps to follow each week.

  3.  Don't Keep Your Day Job builds momentum in the listener as we follow along with Cathy, her guests, and the community that she has built.


5.  Walking the Floor with Chris Shiflett

Chris Shiflett is best known as the lead guitarist for the rock band Foo Fighters.

Walking the Floor is Chris's podcast about country and rock music and boxing. All three interests serve for an interesting listen as Chris allows his passions combined with the stories of his to create a great show.

Notable guests of Walking the Floor have been: Chris Stapleton, Dwight Yoakum, Sheryl Crow, Jason Isbell, and Sturgill Simpson.

  1. Walking the Floor has hosted some of the biggest names in Country music of the present and the past.

  2.  The nostalgia that seeps through each episode as Chris walks through the story of each guest is intoxicating.

  3.  Walking the Floor is a how-to not only for music, but for life.


6.  The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

Jordan B. Peterson  is a Canadian clinical psychologist, cultural critic, and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto ("Jordan B. Peterson").

Peterson's podcast is one of my personal favorites. Most of his 30 episodes are broadcasts of lectures that he has given on his Biblical series.

One of the highlights of 2017 for Peterson had been his brief ban from YouTube when he refused to use 'gender neutral' pronouns.

  1.  Peterson's breakdown of the Abrahamic stories of the Bible are the best listen out there on iTunes.

  2.  Peterson's social commentary is much needed in today's politically correct world, on the left spectrum and the right, he serves to balance the perspective.

  3.  Peterson's focus on the Biblical text has a awakened thirst for the knowledge and wisdom that can be found in the stories of the people of the 'book'.

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