“It was in doing research on John Steinbeck's novel Cannery Row for a project that I first became interested in the idea of Ecology. Steinbeck is an old hat at building narratives around a man and his environment. He often gave his readers strong doses of philosophy through a character who had had a few strong drinks.”


“The Creative has to grasp hold of two things: 1. Responsibility 2. Belief in Himself.”

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“The Bible is the lens through which I will interpret the work of Pink Floyd. Comparing The Wall to specific Biblical stories to give the tracks relevance and truth relating to the Creative as a being. The Creative as seen through the individual. The Creative in both you and me.”

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The Ecology of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’: It’s Genesis & Revelation is a nonfiction work about what it means to be a creative individual.

The book is a breakdown of Pink Floyd’s album and the character that the frontman Roger Waters created in the world famous rock opera. Pink walks the ‘hero's journey’ as the story begins in his childhood and traverses to his rise to fame and fall from it and ends with his redemption.

The book is called, “It’s Genesis & Revelation”, because of how the album The Wall is translated. As a writer I am, comparing and contrasting, leaning on the combined power of allegory and metaphor with the lyrics of Pink Floyd and the stories of the bible.

The point of this project is to uncover what it means to be creative. What it looks like to be one. And what gets in his way. I will do this through literary criticism.

As a magnifying glass is used to take a look at a subject in greater detail, the stories of the Bible will serve us to highlight the complexities of The Wall.

The three things that I'm trying to answer:

1. What does it mean to be creative?

2. Is the Creative trying to be divine?

3. What is 'The Wall'?

The attempt to get to the bottom of what it means to be creative is at the heart of this book. That is my goal and that should be the readers focus.

This work will be thorough, detailed, and will have a goal in mind.

What does it mean to be creative? What does a Creative look like? Can we find that out through other works of art—such as Pink Floyd's The Wall and the Bible?

Of course we can. Just read on dear reader. Read on—and I'll keep writing.


“As actors in our own individual stories, we have an impact on our environment--both the outward world and more importantly our inward one. It's in the brain, the heart, and the soul that we make the private decisions second by second, hour by hour, and day by day that create our worlds.”

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“The idea of responsibility is at it's core about discipline. The Creative must reach the self-maturity to discipline himself to work on his craft when he is the only one that cares about what he's doing. It's the Los Angeles native poet Charles Bukowski that said, "Some people like what you do, some people hate what you do, but most people simply don’t give a damn.” But, let me say that the Creative has to give a damn, because at first no-one else does.”

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“The Bible has been an authority of truth for thousands of years. Regardless of the individuals interpretation of the literal truth contained within it, the fact that of how the world has consumed its text alone gives its content validity.”

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“The creative cycle acts as a constant series of birth and death. Creating acting as the beginning and Forgiveness representing letting go of a project and allowing it to die to outside opinion. “