Dan Parks


“To read the work is to know the man.”


I am a writer of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and am also a documentary filmmaker.

I create from the perspective of who I am.

Many undertones can be seen in my work: working class, hope, heart, faith in the future, and a never ending belief in the underdog.

One of the main themes in what I do is Allegory—which can be defined as a metaphor that is used to deliver a broader message about real-world issues and occurrences.

“You can’t stop time, so you might as well enjoy the years as they change like the seasons of your life—appreciate the beauty of fall, the heat of summer, the growth of spring, and the death of winter.”

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 “Do you realize that you’re doing what you’re choosing to do and that the milestone is the daily work that you put into building your life?”

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“You have a long life ahead of you. You’ll get to make many decisions and each one will take you somewhere.”    

He placed his arm around my shoulder.  

“Each choice is like a step. We are either going up or down the stairs of life. Sometimes you find yourself going down, but you wanna try to go up Johnnie.”

— from Mercy not Sacrifice, by Dan Parks