72 Hours

a film about chance, circumstance, & choice.

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“I grew up on their stories as a kid. It’s the excitement that I remember. It’s when a person talks about the scariest time of their life that their eyes light up, their speech both hurries and slows at the same exact time and their face: it shines.”

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“That’s the beautiful contrast that is LA.”

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In 1983, the City of Los Angeles enacted a law that made it illegal to sleep in a car.

After being arrested in 2010 for violation of the law, Cheyenne Desertrain and six other homeless individuals sued the city, claiming that the law was unconstitutionally vague.

The Law was voided in a June 2014 decision.

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A new version of the law made it legal to sleep in a car, but only on certain designated streets.

Maps were drafted to show where living in a car is allowed and where it is still banned.

This is when I came up with a hypothesis:

if I lived in my car in Los Angeles per the law, then I would legally be able to do so.

I chose a month’s time, 30 days in my car in 10 different places both on and off the parking map for the legal amount of time a car is allowed to park in a single spot in Los Angeles:


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“It was as I was nearing my late 20’s that I remembered those stories, and I recalled the dreams that I had almost let slip away.”

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“How do you know what light looks like without darkness to compare it to?”

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